Hammer Group

With nearly 150 years of experience, we continue in our pursuit to deliver quality service, incorporating our heritage of design excellence and distinct craftsmanship. We are one of the top of mind jewelers amongst retailers and wholesalers of fine jewellery all over the world.

We are the largest multinational German Jewellery group in the world, currently manufacturing and distributing to over 4500 retail outlets over 250 cities globally. Our sales offices have some of the world's best selling agents and merchandisers on the team and have become market leaders in their own countries. This division of the group owns three major manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, Mumbai and Pforzheim, employing more than 1200 people producing over 2 million pieces of superbly crafted jewellery products each year.

While naming the fashion houses that we fabricate custom design jewellery for, would mean a breach in our client confidentiality agreement, we are proud to claim that they are among the top 20 fashion and fine jewellery brands in the world. Our own brands are well known in the territories they are marketed in and are extremely successful with retailers.

We were the first European jewellery company to reach a 100 million DM in sales way back in 1987. In our partnership with Inter Gold we were one of the first German sightholders of Diamond Trading Company (DTC), the world's largest diamond supplier. Even today we obtain a direct supply of our diamonds only from reputable sightholders.

While multiple awards from organisations like the DTC (Diamond Trading Company) and PGI (Platinum Guild International) and successful branding ventures with WGC (World Gold Council) reflect the ongoing acknowledgement of our industry peers, the long term appreciation and enjoyment derived from those who stock, sell and wear our jewellery fuels the underlying commitment of all who wear the Hammer Group logo.  

For more information please contact us at info@hammerplusjewellery.com



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